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    Toddlerville is the second CD from New Jersey based kindie rockers Baze And His Silly Friends. Packed with 14 hip shakin', toe tappin' good time tunes, TODDLERVILLE is an adrenalized soundtrack for any kid.

    Books - Infant Skill Development

    eye games for baby

    Life is but a game for a baby when they are in the newborn to 6 months age range. For an infant, the design and image pairings with eye games for baby become part of a fascinating game so to speak, of venturing, learning, and visual stimulation.

    braininsights - Help me Thrive While I'm Five

    Help Me Thrive While I’m Five provides 40 insightful activity ideas for you to promote learning and bring smiles throughout everyday life! The activities are designed for delivering the fun and Neuro-Nurturing your five year old needs even when you are busy.

    braininsights - Let's Learn More While I'm Four

    The brain of a four year old child is continuing to learn and organize through experiences in life. Fun learning through interactive play throughout the day will help most with the development of all skill areas.

    brain insights - Fun While I'm One

    The fun learning activities focus on language, cognitive, social-emotional, and physical skills. All of the Brain Insights information is provided in everyday language.

    braininsights - Love Your Baby

    Love Your Baby emphasizes the importance of attachment for healthy social/emotional and cognitive development. The brain development information is explained in everyday language. This packet assists new parents in the providing child development for their new baby and does it in an easy and unique format.

    braininsights - More to Do While I'm Two

    Two year olds learn best through fun interaction and play. They also need a lot of love. This packet provides busy parents with ideas on how to provide both for the development of all skill areas. The activities cover language, physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. A busy two year old brain can

    braininsights - Play With Me While I'm Three

    Filled with 40 Neuro-Nurturing interactions this easy to use 3" x 4 " packet of cards hung on a ring, provides you with lots of ideas for fun and optimal learning for your special three year old.

    Books - Skill Development

    The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Super Challenge Books v5-8

    The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Super Challenge books 5-8 provide a whole new level of challenge and intrigue. The "Arrow" and "Compass" puzzles provide unique methods for connecting points to reveal a picture. Other new puzzle designs include Alpha Dots and ABC Sets as well as double page spreads with over 1,400 dots and more!

    Books - Word / Picture / Story

    Sabu & Me

    SABU & ME is a perfect example of what occurs when parents give their children the attention they deserve and recognition to their developing skills. Written by Maura herself, the book is a re-telling of her earliest memories with her best friend, her dog Sabu.

    Educational CD

    Kid Hip - You’re The Star

    A difficult task for parents just got a lot easier. That

    Educational DVD

    ArtObet: A Magical Adventure of Artists!

    Artobet is ideal for ages 3-8, but with engaging stories, beautiful imagery, fun animations, relaxing period music, easy-to-chant poems that help children understand each artist, and cameo appearances by the tooth fairy, cookie bandit and George Washington, it is a film the whole family can enjoy.

    Early Lingo Colors and Shapes in The Park - Chinese

    Introducing the Early Lingo Colors and Shapes in The Park - Chinese Edition DVD. It is the first of its kind, offering 12 animated and live-action videos to teach a child the basic foundation of a foreign language; in this case, Chinese.

    Young Minds - Numbers and Counting DVD

    This DVD in Numbers and Counting teaches young children to count from 1 to 10 by way of engaging classical music, photographs, and video. Each number is presented with photographs, video, and animation.

    Rock N Learn Earth Science

    Want an exciting way to learn important facts and get ready for an earth science test? Marko the Pencil and his friend Terra take learners on a fascinating journey to Marko’s Super Science Station where it’s easy and fun to understand science...

    Rock N Learn Physical Science

    If you are looking for an exciting way to learn important facts and get ready for a physical science test, Rock N Learn Physical Science is the perfect DVD to get your hands on! Marko the Pencil and his friend Terra take you on a fascinating journey to Marko’s Super Science Station where it’s easy and fun to understand physical science concepts about lab safety, scientific method, molecules, electricity, and loads more!

    My Guitar CD-Rom

    My Guitar is an easy and fun way for kids ages 6 and up to learn how to play acoustic guitar! Research has proven that children who play an instrument do better in school, build self-esteem, and make friends more easily.

    Numbers and Counting At The Farm - French Edition

    Introducing the Early Lingo Numbers & Counting At The Farm - French Edition DVD. It is the first of its kind, offering 12 animated and live-action videos to teach a child the basic foundation of a foreign language; in this case, French.

    Educational Products

    Sight Words Bundle Pack

    Sight words flash cards decks each contain 100+ of the most frequently used words that do not necessarily follow phonetic rules. They cover up to 75% of the words found in beginning books. Learning to automatically recognize these words without decoding them greatly increases your child's reading speed accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.

    Alphabotz Superphonic Decoder Cards

    Alphabotz Superphonic Decoder Cards are educational cards that help jump start beginning reading skills by helping early readers build lasting associations between sounds and the letters that represent them.

    Felt Board Stories / Characters

    Felt Tales Dinosaur Days

    “Dinosaur Days” takes you back to the Jurassic period in time. You can help the Brachiosaurus reach the leaves of a tall tree, swim in ocean with the Plesiosaurus, or even hunt the Triceratops with the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Kids will love this wonderfully crafted storyboard.

    Online Learning Services

    Elephango Online Learning

    Elephango has established a new standard in online education resources that are vital to cognitive development in a child. A child begins a never ending journey as they are captured by their first learning content which in turn stimulates their desire to follow a seemingly never ending wealth of source of new topics of content to read.

    Plush Animals

    The WorryWoo Monsters

    The WorryWoo Monsters is a first-of-a-kind series of books and plush dolls where emotions come to life as lovable, quirky characters. Each story follows a WorryWoo monster through a whimsical journey to self-awareness as they confront their representative emotion.


    Maze-O Starter Kit

    Maze-O is designed for young kids to create working mazes every time! No frustrating connectors, simple, easy to use, beautiful parts. Maze-O comes in classic colors to form endless imaginative mazes. Watch as your kids build tricky paths and dead-ends.

    Puzzles / Brainteasers

    The Greatest Dot to Dot Adventure - Book 1

    The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure - Book 1 begins following a guide, an imaginative young boy searching for the missing pieces of a mysterious gift. Together, visitors will navigate challenging puzzles and unearth secret clues to discover new species of dots and spectacular views. One can even challenge themselves by scaling the